How to get started in PR

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How to get started in PR

Getting your head around what to do with your PR can be daunting if you aren’t in the industry. Which is why we would always advise coming to someone in the know, like Rise PR for instance!

We would say that of course, but if you are really set on doing it yourself then help is at hand. Rise PR Director Karen Allen has recorded a podcast with RunMarketing, the free, online do-it-yourself marketing, public relations and digital media tips site for small businesses and start-ups.

PR is arguably the most cost-effective marketing tool - certainly the only one in which a minimal outlay could see you plastered across the national media. That won’t always be the case of course, but Karen talks about ways in which small businesses can promote their products and services at a local, trade and yes, sometimes even a national level.

Listen to Karen’s PR words of wisdom »

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