A quiet summer for PR? No chance!

Posted by on 2nd September 2011 / 0 comments

Summer is traditionally a quieter time in PR generally and tech PR specifically. Clients and journalists are away on holiday, launches are put on hold and silly season news stories are the order of the day.

But what has happened this year, where did the the slow down go!? This is my second summer as a freelance tech PR consultant and it has been ludicrously busy. Plenty of on-going client work, including product launches a plenty and major new partnerships, with incredible amounts of new biz on top of that.

We've been in start-up PR mode, planning the launch of exciting new UK businesses and dipping our toes back into world of consumer tech and lifestyle PR, with a fantastic new Christmas wish list service to be launched in autumn.

I am absolutely not complaining but it feels so unusual. Is it a freelance PR thing perhaps, or are agencies flat out too?

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