Is it right to name and shame on social media?

Posted by on 27th March 2013 / 0 comments

Keen social media watchers will no doubt be aware of the recent Adria Richards controversy. Full details can be found here, essentially Richards overheard some men making crass jokes at a conference and used Twitter and her blog to publically name and shame them. One of them was subsequently sacked and the ensuing criticism of Richards caused her employer SendGrid to in turn sack her.

No one comes out of this with much credit and the incident has all the characteristics of social media at its very worst. Weak jokes? Check. Finger-pointing? Check. A series of subsequent over reactions? Check. Hideous trolling? Check.

Social and digital media publication New Media Knowledge recently (25 March) published an analysis of events, with contributions from a variety of communications and digital consultants, including Rise PR’s very own Paul Allen. Read those words of wisdom.


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