What does the future hold for PR?

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2010 was the year that PR went social - but will 2011 prove to be as momentous?

That was the subject of a recent New Media Knowledge article which featured comment from me, Rise PR director Paul Allen. In it I wittered on about the difference between levels of social media understanding in London and smaller cities, a topic close to my heart having recently moved to Portsmouth.

There are some interesting busineses on the south coast and some of those have made a real success of integrating digital communications with traditional PR, but not nearly as many that have in the capital. To an extent that's to be expected - London is one of the world's major social media hubs - but location should be no barrier to using and benefitting from social media.

An attitude broadly remains in the south that social media is just one extra item on the to-do list but it can be a huge asset to any business. I think that 2011 will be the year when businesses right across the UK truly engage with social media, not just the bigger cities.

Let's see if that rings true in 12 months time!

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