Writing a good Press Release

Posted by on 19th June 2012 / 0 comments

Praise for tech PR press releases... it's not an Oscar, a Bafta, a Grammy or even a Brit...but it is still nice all the same! Industry blog, B2B PR recently posted on what makes a good B2B press release and it was lovely to find a recent Rise PR effort cited as an example of such.

Written for online scheduling tool Doodle, our press release was 'quirky, but informative' and made 'good use of stats' while still 'highlighting Doodle's product offering'. I have been doing B2B and tech PR for an awfully long time - 13 years+ at the last count - so I really should be able to string a sentence or two together by now. But writing is the main reason I embarked on a career in tech PR so it's a genuinely nice touch to get a nod from another PR for the quality of my writing.

I've actually got a writing day ahead of me today, so let's hope these next ones are of the same high standards :)

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