Technology now plays a major role in how not-for-profits engage with their supporters and carry out their fundraising. Blackbaud is a software and services company that does exactly that, working with more than 30,000 not-for-profits around the world. Rise PR manages its on-going UK PR programme, ensuring it maintains a strong presence in both the technology press and not-for-profit media.

But not-for-profits don’t always want to talk tech. They want to understand in simple terms how to reach their supporters, so Rise PR creates compelling but easily-digested content, all intended to convey Blackbaud’s understanding of the market and ability to help not-for-profits.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the content Rise PR creates for use across Blackbaud’s marketing programme. The Psychology of Online Giving report sought to understand people’s motivations to donate online and advise not-for-profits on how best to approach this.

Not only did the campaign deliver great coverage in key target media and generate extensive social media buzz, but Rise PR’s research summary report saw a record number of downloads and the webinar based on this had to be run three times because of the demand, more than any other webinar Blackbaud has done.