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We are predominantly a freelance tech PR agency, or a freelance consumer PR agency. But the freelance element of that means that we often have to be adaptable and versatile, which was a good job when we recently completed an international PR campaign for our client VPT.

VPT is an American firm that supplies DC-DC power converters, EMI filters, and custom engineering services for avionics, military, and space applications. When changes to the Export Administration Regulations in the US meant that licenses were no longer required for European organisations to purchase 100 krad and 30 krad converters, it opened up a potentially large new market for VPT.

European organisations could now benefit from VPT’s SVR Series and SV Series, whereas previously the licensing requirements had meant many firms felt it was not worth the effort and red tape. But how best to communicate this to different European markets?

A two-phased PR campaign

The campaign was broadly divided into two sections. The first involved the creation of a media alert, translated into French, German, Russian and Spanish and pitched to relevant European media targets. But given that the changes to the Export Administration Regulations were a) not that new and b) not ‘owned’ by VPT, Rise PR used the media alert to warm up European press before then following up with a by-lined opinion piece in a leading power publication in each target market.

Drafting an article for each market, based on Rise PR industry knowledge and input from VPT, Rise PR had each one translated into the appropriate local language.

Thought leadership

This approach enabled VPT to demonstrate market understanding and thought leadership to its European audiences. Results included published articles in the print editions of Electronique (France), Elcom Design (Russia) and Connecting Industries Electronics (UK), as well as online pieces in Power Systems Design (Europe) and Convertronic (Spain).

The end result? Clear cut-through of message, a very happy client and a great example of how international PR can work from a UK-hub.

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