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The reason that I first got into PR, was because I loved writing. The one constant, from my first job in the press office at PwC, through a host of tech PR agencies, right up to my current role at virtual PR agency Rise PR, has been my on-going love affair with the written word.

Now I can’t pretend that when I was younger, I dreamed about writing press releases, white papers, company magazines, technical articles or case studies. It was more novels, plays and songs, and although I still try and do a little bit of that when I can, tech PR is where I get the chance to find my creative muse.

By-lined articles to convey thought leadership

I write for each and every one of Rise PR’s clients, but the written work I want to highlight today is that done for retail tech startup, Mirakl. In the process of compiling an end-of-year review document, I noticed that a significant amount of the coverage we achieved for Mirakl in 2014 took the form of by-lined articles in retail or business press.

By-lined articles are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership on a topic. Nothing too self-promotional, they convey expertise and knowledge on a particular topic and allow the author to take ownership of issues in and around that topic. In Mirakl’s case, the topic was online marketplaces and their deployment by retailers.

Content creation

We wanted each article to convince its readers that Mirakl was the go-to provider of online marketplaces. So media targets were carefully identified and pitches to selected editors developed, before we got down to the actual content creation.

Over the course of the 2014 we managed to draft and place 10 by-lined articles for Mirakl, all with their key target media. Particular successes included a piece in Internet Retailing, Drop-ship 2.0: Online marketplaces and a different article on the same theme in Retail Gazette.

Later in the year we drafted articles for more business-focused publications such as Entrepreneur County and Real Business, before returning to Mirakl’s core retail media for a piece in Retail Technology about the benefits of online marketplaces and an article in European Supermarket that looked at Why supermarkets should consider an online marketplace.

Writing is something I truly relish and love, and to write almost every single day as part of my job, makes me feel very lucky indeed. It’s also a win with clients such as Mirakl. Not everyone in PR is a strong writer, so to be able to offer content creation alongside other PR services helps make Rise PR an even more compelling proposition.  

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